Patrol Commander
Capt. Doug Bolser

The Patrol division operates under the direct supervision of Captain Doug Bolser and is comprised of 10 full time patrol officers and several Reserve Officers. Captain Bolser is a 23-year veteran of Law Enforcement, with the last 20 years serving Cleburne County. Captain Bolser is assisted in patrol supervision duties by Sergeant Andy White, the day time supervisor, who is also responsible for the Reserve Deputy program, and Sergeant Bryon Rushing the night time supervisor.

Patrol Deputies are responsible for patrolling all county roads and providing a visible presence as a proactive measure to help deter crime. They also enforce State laws and county ordinances throughout Cleburne County in addition to answering and handling all complaint calls and calls for assistance from the public. Patrol Deputies also provide assistance to other Law Enforcement agencies in Cleburne County when called upon, work traffic accidents on county and state roadways, transport prisoners, serve writs, warrants, civil papers, and provide security for the Circuit and District Courts of Cleburne County.

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Sgt. Andy White

Day Shift Supervisor


Sgt. Bryon Rushing

Evening Shift Supervisor



Sgt. Brian Gadberry

Midnight Shift Supervisor





Deputy Jennifer Osborn
Deputy Sarah Burger
Deputy Harold Glenn

Deputy Joey Morrow

Deputy Angelo Aldrigehtti
Deputy Todd Maxey
 K-9 Deputy
C.J. Hallmark
 Part Time Deputy
Bobby Phelps
Ronnie Roseberry
Corps Deputy Chris

Deputy Don Sims 











Additional Information

Capt. Doug Bolser 
Sgt. Bryon Rushing
Sgt. Andy White
Sgt. Don Sims
Sgt. Bob Sherrill
Deputy C.J. Hallmark
Deputy Jenifer Osborn
Deputy Joey Morrow 
Deputy Harold Williams
Deputy Todd Maxey