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The mission of the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Detention Center is to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for both officers and inmates.

William Baker.JPGJail Administrator
Lt. William Baker  

The Cleburne County Sheriff’s Detention Center, under Lt. William Baker, is comprised of one Jail Administrator, full-time jail officers and several part time jail officers. All of the full time jail officers are required to attend a 40-hour class on Jail Standards. These officers are also trained in CPR, self Defense, Tazer Certification, B.A.C. Datamaster Breath Analyzer and first aid. Several of the Detention Officers are also Reserve Deputy Sheriff’s.

The Detention Center houses both male and female inmates. We do not house juveniles. They are housed in Batesville, AR. The Detention Center has a capacity of 90 inmates. The Detention Center utilizes ACT 309 inmates fro the Arkansas Department of Corrections to cook, clean, do yard work and work on vehicles.


Visitation is on Saturday and Sunday during the hours of 9AM-4PM. Visitors must be put on the inmates’ visitation list and must show ID when they arrive to visit. Inmates are only allowed 20 minutes to visit, unless additional time is approved earlier by, the Sheriff or Jail Administrator. People wishing to visit inmates with the last names beginning with the letter A-M need to contact the jail to arrange visitation on Thursday prior to the visitation on Saturday. People wishing to visit inmates with the last names beginning with the letter N-Z need to contact the jail to arrange visitation on Friday prior to the visitation on Sunday. All arrangements may be made only during the hours of 7:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. The Detention Center does not accept any food or clothing from the outside.
Money in the form of cash or money order may be left at the front counter to be put on the inmates commissary account. The inmate may use the account to purchase phone cards, underwear, socks, commissary and other items off of an approved list.


Inmates receive their mail daily. All inmate mail going out and coming into the Detention center is checked for contraband. Legal mail is the only exception.


Inmates may request to see the nurse once a week by filling out a request stating the reason for medical attention. The nurse is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies.
If an inmate is on medication they should bring their medicine with them or have a family member bring it to the Detention Center in the original bottle with an non-expired prescription. Medicine is dispensed as ordered by the nurse and/or the inmates’ doctor.
Inmates are required to co-pay for their doctor, nurse and dentist visits. They are also required to pay for their medication and prescriptions.


Some inmates are allowed to do work for the City of Heber Springs and Cleburne County to help pay their fines and court costs.

These inmates are used to collect trash along the roads in Cleburne County.

If anyone has any questions about the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Detention Center or about the inmates please call the phone numbers listed above.

Jail Corporal Vanessa  Womack.JPG
Cpl. Vannessa

 Dan Malone.JPG
Detention Officer
Dan Malone

Detention Officer Andrew Davidson.jpg
Cpl. Andrew

 Ashley Stieb.JPG
Detention Officer
Ashlee Stieb

Mary Dallas.JPG
Detention Officer
Mary Dallas 

 Detention Officer Cathy Hutto.JPG
Detention Officer
Cathy Hutto

 Detention Center Cpl Kim Rackley.jpg
Detention Officer
Kim Rackley

 Chance Parish.JPG
Detention Officer
Chance Parish

 Matt West.JPG
Detention Officer
Matt West

 Kyle Dodson.JPG
Detention Officer
Kyle Dodson

 Austin Blanton.JPG
Detention Officer
Austin Blanton

 Jeff Mclain.JPG
Detention Officer
Jeff Mclain

 Diane Latch.JPG
Detention Officer
Diane Latch

 Cindy Maupin.JPG
Detention Officer
Cindy Maupin

 Haylee Myers.JPG
Detention Officer
Haylee Myers

 Floyd Guynes Jr..JPG
Detention Officer
Floyd Guynes

 Cody Holdrof.JPG
Detention Officer
Cody Holldorf

 Matt Roberts.JPG
Detention Officer
Matt Roberts


Cleburne County Sheriff’s Detention Center
914 South 9th Street
Heber Springs, AR 72543  
 Phone: 501-362-2596 
 Fax:    501-250-0923