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Deputy's employment terminated following ethics violation

On February 2, 2017, the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint that one of its deputies had driven a patrol car past a school bus while it was stopped and in the process of letting children off at their designated stop. Witness statements of the incident, along with the deputy’s statement, were gathered and an investigation ensued. The deputy in question was placed on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. Through the course of investigation, it was discovered that the deputy had indeed committed the traffic violation. The deputy was issued a citation of the offense of passing a stopped school bus.

During the course of the internal investigation, it was discovered that the deputy violated the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics by providing contradicting stories of the above incident.  Consistent with holding our own to the high standard of the Code of Ethics, and based on the totality of the investigation, the deputy’s employment was terminated for the ethics violation.  The above incident, though leading to the discovery of the Code of Ethics violation, was not a determining factor in the employment status of the deputy.  The Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office sincerely believes that integrity is the basis for community trust. Any time an ethics violation occurs, it will be investigated, and proper and fair action will be taken. We believe that transparency is vital to a thriving and productive relationship with the citizens we serve.



-Sheriff Chris Brown