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Libby Route Animal Cruelty Complaint


      Recently there have been a number of calls made to the Sheriff’s Office concerning the condition of a horse on Libby Route. The situation was investigated by the Sheriff’s Office and it was determined that the individuals, who are in possession of the horse, took the animal in on October 10th in an effort to save the horse. Their goal was to feed the mare and get her back into good condition. Prior to October 10th the horse was loose in a pasture with other younger horses and competing for food. Since being taken in it has been provided a diet of oats, grain, and hay and was wormed on the same day the horse was obtained. On November 26th, the horse, which is over twenty-five years old, was examined by a local veterinarian at the request of the Sheriff’s Office. The veterinarian determined that in addition to the horses advanced age it has several molars missing and its incisors are very short. At this point it is very hard for her to eat and digest hay and grass. If the horse is able to gain weight over the next thirty days on a special “Senior Feed” diet there may be a chance to save her. If the mare is not able to gain weight, it was recommended by the veterinarian that she be euthanized.

      The appearance of the horse is disturbing, but after a thorough investigation and conferring with a veterinarian who examined the mare, there is no evidence to support the allegations of abuse or neglect. We believe every reasonable effort is being made to improve the mare’s quality of life.