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On July 1st 2009, after receiving information from Investigator Sgt. Jack Smith, and a confidential informant, Detective Kim Bettis and Detective John Hendricks went to a residence at 606 Firehouse Road in an attempt to make contact with suspect Kelly Mosier (DOB 02/10/1977). After making contact with residential homeowner Louis Mosier, written consent to search the residence was obtained. While in the home, suspect Kelly Mosier fled from the residence through a bedroom window into a wooded area where he could not be located. An extensive search was conducted around the property and several items were located, a stolen Seadoo, a boat and trailer, a John Deere riding mower, weed -eater, push mower and several tools and other miscellaneous items were located. Also located was a Meth lab hidden in the wooded area behind the residence and on property belonging to the homeowner. A search warrant was then obtained for a residence located at 65 Flat Rock Lane after receiving more reliable information as to the location of other stolen property.

Ricky Ezell was found at the residence on Flat Rock Lane and arrested on an Absconder warrant for failing to report to his probation and/or Parole Officer. During execution of the search warrant, a Meth lab was also recovered at the residence as well as several other stolen items including tools, televisions and video games. Ezell was also arrested for Manufacturing Methamphetamine with a bond of $50,000.

 At approximately 2:00 am after after completing the search warrant, information was obtained by Detective Bettis as to where Mosier was hiding. Officers then went to property at the end of Prince road where Mosier was found hiding in a motor home. Mosier was apprehended without incident and transported to the Cleburne County detention center. Mosier was interviewed and confessed to at least 7 residential burglaries and thefts of property. Mosier' s Bond has been set at $100,000. Information was also obtained as to other people being involved, and all suspects have been arrested and placed in the Cleburne County Detention Center. Bryon Webb (DOB 9/26/76) turned himself in and confessed to his part in all of the incidents listed in the above-mentioned cases. Bond on Webb was set at $20,000.00 for felony Theft by receiving.

Misty Dawn Smith was also arrested for outstanding warrants from Cleburne County and Quitman after being found at the Flat Rock Lane residence. On July 3,2009 enough information had been received and property recovered that Detective's were able to obtain a search warrant for a Commercial building and a residence located on Selby Road in Faulkner County where several items were recovered. After making contact with the owner of the property on Selby road (with the assistance of Faulkner county Deputies and detectives), a Search warrant was obtained by Faulkner County for a Storage unit on Blythe Rd in Greenbriar.

 After execution of the warrant a stolen Polaris ranger and several tools and firearms were recovered which were also reported stolen from Cleburne County. No arrest has been made in the execution of the Faulkner county search warrant as of this time. At least $30,000 worth of property has been recovered.