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Sheriff's Office Activity, 7/27/13-8/3/13

In addition to serving civil papers, enforcing traffic laws, doing property checks, medical transports, prison transports, court transports, transports from arrest, deputies responded to the following calls for service.

  • Dogs killing chickens- Hwy 87
  • Alarm call- Mikes Circle- dog in residence
  • Alarm call- Chinkapin- Neighbor putting mail in house
  • Alarm call- Tannenbaum- homeowner set off
  • Alarm call- Tannenbaum- all ok
  • Assault Report- Wesley Chapel
  • Domestic disturbance- Firehouse Rd
  • Domestic disturbance- Dam Site Park
  • Motorist assist- Hwy 5
  • Vehicle Accident- 25 and 25B
  • 911 hang up- Golf Drive
  • 4-wheeler in ditch- Lonestar Rd.
  • Theft report- Price Ford Rd.
  • Suspicious activity- Lacy Rd.
  • Theft report- Crossroads
  • Theft report- Goff Rd.
  • Vehicle Accident- H.S. Rd West
  • Motorcycle accident- H.S. Rd. North
  • Report of shots fired- Harrelson Rd area
  • Trespassers- Mill Crk Rd
  • Drug arrest- H.S. Rd N.- Traffic Stop
  • Domestic disturbance- Fox Chase- report taken
  • Suicide report
  • Report of Gas Trucks on prohibited road- Crossroads
  • Welfare concern- DHS
  • Gas drive off- Concord
  • 4-wheelers trespassing- Goff Rd.
  • Breaking and Entering- Sandy Lane
  • Breaking and Entering- Pangburn Rd.
  • Suspicious  Vehicle-Highway 110 East
  • Vehicle Accident- 110 E. and McJester Rd.
  • Individual locked behind gate at without code- By Pass storage
  • Disturbance- Morton Drive
  • Alarm- Blakey Rd. Realtor on scene
  • Kids playing beside road- H.S. Rd W. – Parents contacted
  • Disturbance- Concho Rd.- complainant didn’t want to press charges
  • Assist U.S. Marshalls with arrest
  • Suspicious vehicle- Blakey Rd.
  • Attended death- Yuba Rd.
  • Prowlers- Pangburn Rd.- 2 arrested
  • Arrest- possession of medication without prescription
  • Alarm Industrial Park Rd.- Secure
  • Alarm H.S. Rd. West- Secure
  • Vehicle accident- Rose Bud Rd.- determined to be in Faulkner County
  • Prowler-Lacy Rd.
  • Welfare check- Falls Rd.
  • Burglary report
  • Trespass report
  • Physical altercation- Sager Rd. – 1 arrest
  • Suspicious vehicle- River Trail
  • Unattended vehicle on Friendship Rd.
  • Report of salesmen going door to door- Pleasant Springs Rd.
  • Altercation- Diamondhead- All ok
  • Animal Bite report at E.R.
  • Disturbance at Concho Rd.
  • Alarm- Pine Snag Rd.- all ok
  • Report of light on in a vacant house- all ok
  • Unresponsive individual at St. Jeans
  • Car in Ditch- Pangburn Rd. 1 arrest DWI
  • Argument- Diamondhead- resolved
  • Cigarettes stolen from vehicle- Evergreen Dr.
  • Recover stolen property fro Green County at Valhala Dr.
  • Motorist assist- By Pass
  • Harassing Communication report- Tiger B Rd.
  • Animals not being fed on Houston Rd.- Food and water were out animals ok
  • Industrial Park Rd. ref Burglary
  • Attempted Theft- Swinging Bridge Dr.
  • Alarm- Beddit Lane
  • Theft report- Oakwood Dr.
  • Arrest- Poss of Meth on traffic stop
  • Domestic disturbance- Lobo Landing
  • Vehicle Accident-Highway 25 and Mtn View Rd.
  • Unattended Death- Floral Rd.
  • Burglary report- Silver Ridge Rd.
  • Civil Stand By- Sager Rd.
  • Disturbance- Dam Site Park
  • Arrest- Body attachment
  • Domestic Disturbance- Pine Meadow
  • Domestic Disturbance- Pine Meadow- 1 arrest
  • 911 hang up- Cartwright Rd.
  • Alarm call- Ridge Cr.- Secure with bat in house
  • Mailbox’s damaged- Bivins Rd. and Adams Rd.