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Inmates Conspire to Kidnap and Escape

Failed kidnapping and escape plan has four Cleburne County inmates facing aditional charges. Casey Warren age 21, Michael McNabb 20, Jarrod Blood 19, and Andrew Bartlett 18, were in the late stages of their plans to kidnap a jailor and escape. The four will face charges of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and conspiracy to escape. The plan was uncovered November 26th when jailors checking cells noticed marks on a bathroom wall. Upon checking, it was learned that the marks were made by someone trying to dig through the wall. A cell block search was conducted and a large piece of wire mesh and pieces of a torn orange jail uniform shirt were found and it is believed they were going to use them as restraints. Some were fashioned to be used as handles. It was learned that Andrew Bartlett was going to fake a suicide in order to get the jailors to come into the cell block. The four then planned on taking the jailors hostage once they entered the cell. The investigation is ongoing at this time.